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Dinner Menu

Note menu changes may occur, please call the restaurant if there is a specific dish you are interested in for your visit.
 We are
gluten free on many dishes and make our own gluten free pasta and bread in house. We are able to easily modify dishes for dietary restrictions, please let us know when reserving of any dietary restrictions! 
We offer vegan, dairy free and vegetarian menus weekly as well as a chefs tasting menu. 

Cafe Juanita strives to use organic and sustainable products throughout our menu.
We are 90% organic in raw product
November 12,2015


Blackberry Farm Saison, anchovy, anchovy butter, Junko's hearth bread

La Collina Malvasia, burrata, quince, hearth bruschetta 16.

Hedge trimmer gin and huckleberry bay jam, rabbit livers, six year Balsamcio 13.

Jerald's favorite white vermouth with cured salmon roe on Junko's Hearth Bread 14.

LeLarge Pugeot "Tradition", ChampagneBrut let Cru, NV, smoked bone marrow bruschetta 27.


Yellowtail cruda, passion fruit, avocado, brown butter vinaiigrette. 18.

Tenaro Galloni Langhirano Prosciutto, Parma, aged 30 month 24

Kuri squash sformatino, 30month Parmigiano-Reggiano, sage, squash brodo. 16.

Local Egg and White Sturgeon Caviar with Crisp Pumpernickel 29.

Foie gras, Quince, thyme, Vin Santo, cacao nibs. 23.

Carne cruda, +7wagyu, crostini, lardo. 18.

Octopus, chickpea, smoked bone marrow, salsa verde. 15.


Chicory misti, honey crisp apple, Gorgonzola dolce, hazelnut crema. 11.

Warm brassicas, Taggiasche olives, anchovies, heirloom beans, Meyer lemon. 14.

Beets, Bronte pistachio crema, yogurt, pickled rose petal vinaigrette. 12.

Ruby Streak Mustard Greens with Toasted Anchovy and Pecorino Crostini. 11.


Zuppa della Sera

Gnocchi alla romana, lamb sugo, Parmigiano-Reggiano. 16/30

Risotto Nero, octopus scampi 19./32.

Orecchietti, hand shaped, Parmigiano Reggiano fonduta, leek ash, cipollini, breadcrumbs. 17./29

Tagliatelle with Chanterelles, Marjoram and Parmigiano-Reggiano. 18./30.

Tajarin with sage butter 15.

Fish, Meat and Fowl

Oregon venison, Taylor shellfish mussels, smoked onion, salsify, cipollini crema. 39..

Rabbit, pancetta, porcini, herbs 36.

Andersen Valley Lamb rack Scottadita, Belgian endive, quince, salsa verde, yogurt. 45.

Pesce della sera - mp

Greg Norman+7Wagyu New York, smoked potato, La Tur. 45./85.


Roasted local carrots, carrot crema, shaved pickled carrot 11.

Cauliflower, pinenut crema, cumin, cayenne, lime 11.

Piemontese polenta, mascarpone, Burgundy truffle.19.

Heritage Farms Red Wattle Lardo 6./12.


Chef-Owner: Holly Smith
Chef de Cuisine:
Lauren Thompson
Sous chef: David Solis
Cooks:  James Huffman, Geneva Melby, David Miller
Pastaiola:  Susan Raunig