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Dessert Menu

November 12, 2015

** items subject to change please call restaurant if you are seeking a particular dish

items with asterik are available gluten free or are naturally gluten free.*

Cafe Juanita strives to use organic and sustainable products throughout our menu.
We are 90% organic in raw product.


Espresso chocolate crostini, gianduja, ricotta, citrus, honey. 12.

Quince zuppa Inglese with quince sorbetto, cardamom, almond. 12.

*Fernet Bittersweet Chocolate Bonet with mint cocoa crumb. 12.

*Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Cardoon Blossom, Vanilla Sea Salt 1.

*Maple and pumpkin cinnamon gelati 8.

Burnt meringa and passion fruit curd with roasted huckleberries, cocoa crumb, milk chocolate11.

Piccoli Pasticcaria 10.

Parmigiano Reggiano with Acetaia di Giorgio 36year, Genepro, Balsamico 20.

*Pomegranate Lambrusco Sorbetto. 7.

*Poco Carretto Gelati and Sorbetti Pints for Take Away 12.


Pastry Chef/Bread Baker:  Junko Mine