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Dinner with Bob Betz and Steve Griessel 
Friday, April 18th, 2014

We are honored to have Bob Betz and Steve Griessel of Betz Family Winery in house on April 18th, 2014. Holly will be preparing a beautiful six course menu that showcases one of our favorite Washington Winemakers. 


$170 plus tax and gratuity



By request, Chef Holly Smith is excited to announce Table 2 for 2 

There are always request from guests to “let the chef cook for me”.  Café Juanita is excited to announce Table 2 for 2.  There are 6 reservations available per week, 2 tables on Friday, 2 tables on Saturday and 2 tables on Sunday evenings where the chefs of Café Juanita will prepare individual tasting menus for the very special guests of Table 2.  The table affords a view of the open kitchen where Chef Owner Holly Smith leads a talented crew nightly.

There are 2 seating’s available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings on what has over the years become Holly’s favorite table, Table 2.  First seating is 5:30pm and the second seating at 8:45pm.  All the Chef needs is information on any allergies or dietary restrictions, and a special tasting menu of seasonal dishes will await your reservation.  Upon request, Wine Director Kyle Brierley will work with Chef Smith to craft a beverage pairing to compliment the menu.  Like the menu the pairings will be surprising!  

The Tasting Menu will be $135 per guest with optional beverage pairing $75 per guest, not including tax and gratuity.

To see an example of a previous menu, please visit our Special Menu page. 

Call the restaurant to book your reservation, 425.823.1505


Thank you for joining us this summer for our Pasta and Pig Roast Al Fresco Dinners, we look forward to renewing the tradition next summer!